Land Grading

We’ll Even Things Out for You

in Havre de Grace, MD

Are you tired of puddles accumulating in your backyard every time it rains? Does water pool around your home’s foundation? M.E.V. Outdoor Solutions, LLC in Havre de Grace, MD offers residential land grading services for all your land leveling needs.

Proper landscape grading will change the flow of the water around your yard. We work on yards of all sizes and can transform the front or back of your property. We’ll walk you through the entire process before we begin work.

Get Help with Drainage Problems

Our land grading services are relatively simple. We’ll focus on where the water will go and drain.

Consider landscape grading to solve the problem you’re having with:


Water leaking into your basement


Water stagnating near your foundation or patio


Puddles forming in random places in your yard

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