Expand Your Living Area

Talk to a patio builder out of Dundalk, MD serving all surrounding areas

If you want to enjoy the outdoors at your home more often, consider building a patio. M.E.V. Outdoor Solutions, LLC is a patio contractor in Dundalk, MD.

Our skilled patio builder will construct a patio on your residential or commercial property using a top quality material to fit your project. We frequently work with EP Henry, Choc-A-Block and can help direct you in the right direction. You can choose the exact design you'd like for your:

  • Standard patio
  • Patio with a kitchen
  • Fire pit
  • Patio surrounding a pool

We provide free estimates and can show you what your patio will look like before construction begins. Call 443-895-5379 today to speak with a patio builder about improving your property.

We'll assess your land before we start working

A patio contractor will visit your property to make sure the new patio will fit with your property and take note of anything that needs to be moved. We offer land grading services to even everything out before building your patio.

Schedule patio construction in the Dundalk, MD area by contacting M.E.V. Outdoor Solutions today.